Legal Plan Benefits

Please click the "Legal Plan Benefits" link to view and download a list of covered benefits.


1) For NON-IMMIGRATION MATTERS, call the Plan Administrator at (800) 604-0999 to received an eligibility confirmation number. Panel attorneys will not speak with you unless you have an eligibility confirmation number.

2) For IMMIGRATION MATTERS, you do not need to call the Plan Administrator to begin using your Legal Services Plan benefits. Simply call an attorney listed on the PARTICIPATING PANEL ATTORNEYS/ACCOUNTANTS list tab that specialize in immigration law and make an appointment.

3) For all eligibility questions, please contact:
    NWA - Northwest Administrators, Inc.
    Eligibilibty Department
    Direct (415) 547-3602

4) Refer to the LEGAL PLAN DESCRIPTION BOOKLET AND COVERAGE tab, which is a description of the plan pamphlet that was provided to you by your employer for a detailed description of the Legal Services Plan, covered dependents, and covered and excluded services and benefits.

5) Refer to the LOCAL 2 CONTACTS tab for all UNITE HERE! Local 2 contact information.

6) Visit for information on UNITE HERE! Local 2

There is no guarantee your legal matter is covered by the Legal Services Plan. The Plan Administrator may later determine your legal matter is not a covered benefit even if your selected panel attorney/accountant advised you that your legal matter is covered. The Plan Administrator is responsible for the final determination of whether your legal matter is covered based on the terms and conditions of the Legal Services Plan.

In rare instances, your selected panel attorney/accountant may later determine that your legal matter exceeds the terms, conditions, scope, or intent for which the Plan provides benefits to its eligible members. You may then choose to continue with counsel by the participating panel attorney/accountant, or select an attorney/accountant outside the Plan. In either case, you will be responsible for making further payment arrangements with your attorney/accountant. The Legal Services Plan will not responsible for any benefit payments thereafter, and the participating panel professional or outside professional may charge you their regular billable rates.

If you have questions concerning the Legal Services Plan, please refer to your Legal Services Plan and Summary Plan Description or call the Plan Director at (800) 604-0999.